How to Avoid Ingrown Pubic Hair Issue

The problem of ingrown pubic hair may not be dangerous, but it is annoying and it’s a bit embarrassing – mostly because it is related to your genitals. You see, as the name suggests, the problem happens when the shaft of the hair grows back into the skin pores instead of growing upward to the surface of the skin. The cause is unknown, mostly depending on the unique condition of the patient, but there are actually some ways to prevent it from happening. 

If you shave your pubic hair quite often, or you probably wax the area quite constantly and regularly, there is always a possibility of the ingrown pubic hair – no matter how careful you are. Once the hair shaft gets back to the skin, the body will see it as a threat and it will isolate the area so the white blood cells can attack the ‘intruder’. Usually, the affected hair will be covered, and the white blood cells will attack the area. That’s why you may experience discomfort and pain. Generally, the affected area will have bumps, often filled pus from the white blood cell attack. If you have poor immune system, it is even possible that you suffer from fever. 

Avoid shaving or waxing will be the best way to do. It is advisable that you would rather cut or trim the pubic hair so the ingrown pubic hair won’t happen to you. In the event that you already suffer from the issue, you can always do these:

  • Have a warm compress to speed up the process so it will burst on its own – it takes time, though. 
  • If you start feeling some discomfort, you can always have a cold compress to ease the pain. 

It is important to maintain the cleanliness as well as the hygiene practices so your problem won’t get worse. 

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